How the Medical System Fails People with Chronic Illness

Trigger Warning: Suicide awareness   I have many doctors appointments and medical tests on a regular basis, but I still manage to not get effective care from many of my healthcare providers. My chronic cough remains undiagnosed and not effectively treated. My allergy attacks are getting more frequent and leaving me breathless and drugged on … More How the Medical System Fails People with Chronic Illness

I’m Alive!!

The tale I have to tell you. 2017 has been horrible so far, but things are finally feeling a bit better. Back in December, I got sick. I had a cold over Christmas. I didn’t think anything of it, but then January and February I got worse and worse until I couldn’t walk in February and … More I’m Alive!!

Sewing for Accessibility

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It’s a genetic disorder that means I produce defective collagen. Collagen is in every part of the body including skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. As a result of my defective collagen, my joints are hypermobile meaning that they bend back far beyond where they should. Think of an elastic that is … More Sewing for Accessibility


Let’s start off with something happy. My garden is flourishing: View this post on Instagram Today's scenes from my garden. Lovely flowers blooming. #gardening #flowers A post shared by Andie Wells (They/Them) (@sewprettyinpink) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:37pm PDT I got more flowers and the back planter is fixed, but not yet rid of … More Diagnosis